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Capital District Physicians' Health Plan supports the efforts of career-motivated employees interested in acquiring the education necessary to enhance skills and knowledge for career opportunities. That's why we partnered with Bellevue University to offer generous tuition assistance benefits paying up to:

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Tuesday Takeaways with Ryan Avery
Tuition Assistance that goes a long way toward your education
Real Talk about Online Learning with Bellevue University


Tuesday Takeaways



Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

It's hard to imagine a business today that doesn't rely on Information Technology. When you master IT, you become the go-to person in your organization...the person relied upon for answers - and productivity.



Real Learning for Real Life is what you get exclusively with Bellevue University. The knowledge and skills you gain – while learning – can be applied to your work real-time, and they prepare you to be successful going forward – no matter how jobs change, the world changes, or you change. INQUIRE NOW


Online Learning at Bellevue University

Earning your degree as a working adult is possible with online learning at Bellevue University - where we really get the needs of working students. Complete your work on YOUR time and receive the support you need from our faculty and staff.

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Real Learning for Real Life

CDPHP® selected Bellevue University for this amazing new education program because they are a world leader in helping working adults earn college degrees.

Bellevue University offers many advantages to help you balance work, life, and family obligations with school:

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